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Edited April 18, 2017--Price adjustments, policy adjustments



Base price: $90 
--Additional characters: +$50 per character
--Simple background: +$25
--Complex background: +$50
--Penises, tentacles, etc.: +$25
--Rush It: +50% of total
--Record It: +$50


•I will do a maximum of 4 characters in one image.

•If the additional character(s) involve complex costumes/designs, I will charge extra.

•Simple backgrounds include little detail and are often "blurred out" for effect. More complex backgrounds are more detailed, but won't involve things like a city skyline or crowds of people. They include detailed rooms, certain outdoor scenes, etc. I'm still improving on backgrounds, so I won't do anything too complicated, but I spend a lot of time making sure everything looks good.

•The Rush It option puts your commission above all other non-rush pieces in priority. It is finished within 1-7 days.

•All patrons on my Patreon who pledge $3+ per week get access to discounts on all commission types. The more someone pledges a month, the higher their discount.

•Any and all image references you have will be helpful. If you have no references and I'm pretty much designing your character from your textual descriptions, there's a fee of $25. There is no free if you're giving me creative freedom. If you're not being picky about how your character looks but you give me some parameters to work with, the fee is waived.

•There is one round of edits after I sketch your image. Any desired edits for things that were not previously mentioned will cost +$10 per edit.

•The Record It option allows me to record the full process of your commission, edit the video, and send it to you via Dropbox link. You will have exclusive access to this video unless you specify whether you wouldn't mind me posting it on my YouTube channel. You can also let me know what song(s) you'd like to accompany the video and I'll add them!


Please read the following before hiring me. If you’re contacting me, I’ll assume you have read my terms of service. 

Payment: PayPal USD only. Do not send payment on your own. I will send an invoice to the PayPal email address you provide.

Time frame: I will finish your commission anywhere from 1-14 days. Any commissions with a Rush It option will take priority over everyone else's commissions. In the event your commission will take longer than 14 days, I will notify you. At the very latest, you'll receive your commission after 21 days.

Process: I will create a lightly detailed sketch and send it to you after payment has been received. At this point, you can ask for changes or edits. Keep in mind, this is your one chance to make changes. After this stage, you'll be charged +$10 per edit if you failed to mention it before. After this, I will line and color your commission. I'll do any final touches, sign it, and hand it off to you. You will receive a high resolution copy of your commission via Dropbox link. If you paid for the Record It option, you'll also get your requested process video via Dropbox link.

Cancelations/Refunds: I reserve the right to terminate a commission or refuse working for any person at any time. Reasons for termination include poor communication and inappropriate behavior. If the commission can’t be completed due to my own fault or miscalculation, a full refund is in order. If the process is terminated before it’s finished, I’ll only give a partial refund and that depends on what stage I’m at with the piece. There are no refunds after the commission is finished.

Other Info: As the artist, I have full rights to any and all commissions I draw. I can use them for private and commercial use. I can use them for marketing and advertising or for any other purpose I wish. I could go in and draw a pretentious mustache on it if I really wanted to. As the client/follower, you only have permission to use my work for private use. You cannot use it for commercial purposes nor can you edit and/or repost my work. Sure, you could go in and also draw a pretentious mustache on it, but if you post it anywhere on the Internet, you're violating my rights as an artist. That said, if you wanted to add some lettering to it and/or upload it to your page WITH CREDITS TO ME, that is fine, but please notify me in some way before doing so.

I don't have many restrictions, but the ones I currently have I will list:
Scat(human waste of any kind), Gore, Diapers, Animals, Mecha, Elderly, Vore, Morally Questionable Content and Children.

Thanks for your consideration!


:iconfeudalera: :iconecchi-and-my-style: :iconwaifusgonehentai: :iconadult-artists:




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GabyCoutino Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice gallery
Have a bunny
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Hey! hope you're doing good, been a longg time!
Antictra Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017
Love your gallery!! I hope you continue drawing for a long time, your art is incredible ^^
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SCARFACEPhoenix Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017
hi there im scarfacephoenix and i have to say i looked over ur work and i must say its really remarkably amazing i realy like the one with the *titanic draw me like one of ur french girls* and i was wondering if u take requests?
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